What is ISTG on Snapchat?

You might have been bombarded with a lot of acronyms while communicating with your loved ones on any social media platform and Snapchat is on the top which has a wide range of acronyms and slang in their dictionary. The use of slang has become increasingly popular in this fast-paced life and people like to use abbreviations to convey messages without typing the full sentence.

It is necessary to stay updated with all the jargon used on social media to not leave your communication. Today you might have come across the latest acronym used on Snapchat is ISTG.

You might be wondering what does istg mean on snapchat, so that you can reply properly. We have got you covered with all the possible meanings of ISTG in this post. Continue reading.

What Does ISTG Mean on Snapchat

ISTG stands for “I Swear to God” and is often used casually to convey the message shortly or to insist on the truthfulness of their message. Using ISTG one can communicate or promise that something is true. 

ISTG is often used casually in text messages on social media platforms to convey a range of emotions like surprise, annoyance, and truthfulness. It does not have any religious relation rather its meaning varies upon the situation it is used.

When someone says “ISTG” I have not seen your smartphone, then they are trying to assure their friend that he is not lying and insist on their truthfulness that he has not seen their phone.
 When someone says “ISTG it doesn’t stop raining”, then they might show their frustration or annoyance.