How to Do Big Text on Discord?

In the case you are facing problems in reading messages or chat logs, you may try big text in Discord. Most gamers use big text Discord as a communication app. As Discord big text comes with default features still you may enhance the performance according to your likes and its font size feature allows you to change font size as per your preferences.

So, now we'll discuss how to do big text on Discord? Discord is getting popular day by day by capturing gamer's attentions, professionals, and communities. It gives users friendly interfaces along with impressive features. You can see the Discord messages in bigger font size through these simple features.

Steps For Big Text Discord

For every age group Discord big text is really beneficial. On this app, you are allowed to do voice chats, send messages, and receive messages individually or in community groups so it means the Discord app has a lot of texts for everybody. There are some steps below about how to do big text on Discord.

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Click on “App Settings” then go to “Appearance” scroll down till you find “Chat Font Scaling.”
  • Adjust the slider as per your satisfied font size.
  • Go to “ESC” placed at the top right corner.