What Does the OPS Mean on Snapchat?

The most popular social media platform Snapchat is bombarded with various acronyms and slang and not catching up with the meaning leaves you out of place. It's better to be informed about a wide range of acronyms that you have heard recently.
One such acronym is OPS. You may have encountered the term OPS on stories, videos, and photos on Snapchat. 

You might be wondering what does ops mean on snapchat.
Worry not, this informative blog will cover what you need to know. So, let's jump to the post.

What Does OPS Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat users are keen to use various jargon while texting to someone and focus on using unique slang in their posts and stories. OPS is one of them which they use in their stories which means they accept the general public opinions or personal thoughts. 
The simple ops meaning snapchat is “Opinions” which is used to ask for others to leave honest opinions regarding their stories, photos, and videos.

When And Where to Use OPS?

Now We all are familiar with what does ops mean, so it is necessary to know when it can be used. When you have come across OPS in your conversation, it simply means the person you are conversing with wants a clear opinion from you on a certain topic they have posted on Snapchat.

There are different ways to use OPS in different contexts. You can use it as “ops on having dinner together”.

They can use “OPS on IOS and Samsung Galaxy Pro1”, which means they want to know your opinion regarding the phone brands.

Other Meanings of OPS

OPS can have different meanings depending upon which context it has been used OPS could mean “Opportunities” in other contexts. 

Another ops meaning snapchat might be Operations is used to indicate a series of actions taken to resolve any specific issues.