How To Disable YouTube Shorts?

If you are not interested in watching the shorts on youtube, then this is the right blog for you to know how to disable youtube shorts as here I will tell you all about the steps you should follow. 

Disabling Youtube Shorts in the Youtube Application – 

You can start with marking the shorts on the youtube as not interesting which will keep the shorts section remaining unhidden until you are opening the app again. 

The not interested option could be found by tapping on the three dots on the right side of the shorts video which you watch on the screen. 

To disable youtube shorts you can also downgrade the youtube application for which you should click on the app info and then you should tap on the three dots and then hit on the uninstall updates button from the screen which will remove the shorts option from your youtube application. 

If you will use all these ways then you will be able to know how to turn off youtube shorts and if you will perform them quickly then you can enjoy using youtube without even getting troubled by the shorts video and we believe that the details provided here were constructive.