How to Create A Shortcut in Snapchat?


Do you want to know how to create a shortcut on snapchat, if yes then this is the blog where you could find all the relevant and reliable information in this blog. 

So, without wasting any time let us get started to know the simple and straightforward steps you need to follow for creating a shortcut in snapchat for your account. 

Steps for Creating Shortcut on Snapchat for the users – 

  • First of all you need to begin with opening the snapchat application on your device, after which you have to create a snap using your device which you can do by clicking on a picture or even by selecting an image from your device. 
  • Now, for how to make snapchat shortcut for streaks you have to click on the send to button which you will find at the right bottom corner of the screen and then get to the next step. 
  • In this step you are supposed to click on the shortcut option which you will be able to navigate at the top right corner of the screen in front of you for how to create shortcut on snapchat. 
  • Once you are done with this you should select the friends you want to add to the shortcut after which you should name the shortcut by any name or emoji you want and once you have decided the name you should hit on the create shortcut button. 

As soon as you click on the shortcut button snapchat shortcut will be created for you and you can use it whenever you want to.