What Does Zesty Mean on TikTok? Why It’s Become Popular

These days a number of TikTok users have seen the word Zesty on Tiktok and this is why tikTok users wonder what does zesty mean on tiktok and why the word has become so popular on the application. 

The guide will tell you all about zesty meaning tiktok and the context of the word on the application. 

What is the Meaning of Zesty on TikTok?

If you are wondering what does zesty mean in slang then, let me tell you that the word basically refers to something having a thrilling flavour combination. This does not mean the same on the application as Tiktok users use this word when they want to refer to a trend that is fun as well as exciting. 

The word is used for videos and different trends and while the actual meaning of the word is related to food, there is no reference to food when the word is used on TikTok. 

We accept that there are a number of complicated things on Tiktok but this term is not one of them as it is fairly simple to understand and comprehend the meaning of Zesty on Tiktok as it simply refers to a trend that is considered fun by majority of TikTok users.