How to Save Tiktok Videos Without Posting?


If you are using tiktok then there would be times when you would want to save a video from the platform without even posting it on your account. 
Well, if it is the case, then this is the right blog for you to gather the information which you will need for how to save tiktok without posting, so without adding much details we would just get started with the steps. 

Step by Step for Saving up the Videos on Tiktok Without Even Posting it on your account –

  • You are supposed to get started with opening the tiktok application and get access to your account, and then you can open the home page following which you should click on the + icon which you will find at the bottom of the screen to save tiktok without posting. 
  • You now will need to opt for an effect and a filter and then you have to select who can watch your video, and for this option you are supposed to select the option of private. 
  • When you will opt private, only you will be able to watch the video on your profile and nobody else. 
  • Now, finally upload the video and then open the video from your profile and then you could get the video on your device using the save button from the screen. 

We believe that the details which have been offered to you in this blog such as the steps to download tiktok video without posting were all helpful and beneficial for you in figuring out the process.