What Does NFS Mean On Instagram?

Abbreviations and short forms have become very common on Instagram and other social media applications these days. Abbreviations have made chatting easier as people do not need to type complete phrases, rather they can simply use the acronym of the term.

However, people who do not know the meaning of these abbreviations find it very difficult to communicate and understand these terms. 

One of the most common abbreviations used by people is NFS and in the article, we will be mentioning what does nfs mean. So, if you struggle with the term then, here is your chance to know everything about it. 

What is the Meaning of NFS on Social media Applications?

When it comes to looking for the meaning of any abbreviation used on social media applications, you need to know that there is no one meaning of any term. So if you are wondering what does nfs mean snapchat then, we are mentioning all the meanings of the term used in different situations. 

  • Need for Speed: Need for Speed is a very common meaning of the term used commonly by bloggers and gamers when they indulge in online gaming. 
  • Not for sale: NFS is also used when a person uploads something on their social media profile and wants to ensure that people know that the product is not for sale.
  • No Filter Selfie: No Filter Selfie is probably one of the most common meanings of the term used on Instagram and snapchat. The term clearly states that the picture uploaded is the reality and no artificial filter is used in the picture.